About me!

hi! my name is chocow/nês
im an 18y old furry artist!

still working on this part...

where to find me


coming soon...


Commission Rules:

  • Unless otherwise agreed upon, the artwork is exclusively for personal use.

  • Unless you specifically request otherwise, I reserve the right to share your completed commission on my social media.

  • Without my consent, you are not allowed to alter, modify, edit, or utilize any of my works.

  • I retain the right to reject any customer or commission for any reason.

  • If, for any reason, I decide I no longer want to work on your commission, I have the right to return your entire payment.

Payment Rules:

  • All payments must be made entirely via PayPal, and they must be done in euro €.

  • payment will be done after the sketch is aproved, do not send my any money before that

  • If you back out of an offer (before payment is received) and you can provide a good justification for your cancellation, you won't be placed on my blacklist. But if you ghost me, you'll get blocked and won't be able to claim or possess my adoptions.